Economic Product Series


 EXTERIOR        Durable and speckled granite exteriors.
 INTERIOR  Non-stick granite interior is exceptionally durable and scratch resistant.
 ERGONOMIC HANDLE  Colour matched bakelite handles.
 Metal Handles.
 LIDS  Vented tempered glass lids. 
 Metal lids.
 THICKNESS  3,00 mm.
 MATERIALS  Aluminum.


- The material of this product;

------Is environmentally friendly because of recyclable,

------Forged for porosity-free surfaces,

------Provides energy saving through highest heat conductivity,

------Ensures optimal heat distribution with spiral base.


- The coating substance of this product;

------Reinforced with titanium nanoparticles         

------Has resistance against corrosion and chemical,

------Consists 6 layers coating ( 3 interior, 3 exterior )

------Does not include heavy metals like lead, cadmium, chromium and mercury

------Does not include potential carcinogenic materials like PFOA

------Requires less oil by virtue of non-stick surfaces


- The handles of this product;

------Screwed at exterior for prevent bacterial accumulation at interior.

------Is durable reach up to 150 °C

------Does not warm up during cooking

------Does not detoriorate till it contacts directly heat sources






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